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I love to share the techniques I have learned with people who want to transform their lives, and the workshops I run give me the chance to do that. Come along to one or to several, and discover easy ways of making changes in your life.

Workshops and Group Sessions include:
Muscle-Testing for Beginners Workshops
Several of the therapeutic techniques I use rely on muscle-testing to discover limiting beliefs or disruptions in the flow of energy around the body. You can see it in action in Donna Eden’s Youtube videos, and it is such a useful way to check in on someone at a deeper level, to see how they are really doing.
I find self-testing skills too are invaluable, helping you to learning more about what makes you tick, and to create a balanced, healthy lifestyle. Muscle-testing offers a way to bypass the conscious mind and connect with subconscious beliefs and patterns.
This half-day workshop gives people a chance to try out a range of techniques so that they can find the ones which come most naturally to them. It also opens the door to many of the other workshops I run, including the Primary Reflex Integration workshop.

Muscle-Testing Refresher Workshops
I created this workshop for people who want to spend more time practising their Muscle-Testing skills and building their confidence until it becomes instinctive. The small group format means there is time to spend on individual concerns, and on finding which techniques suit you best.

The Joy of Muscle-Testing Workshops
You may have noticed that I’m a muscle-testing enthusiast, and one half-day workshop just isn’t enough time to share all the ways in which you can use muscle-testing to make life easier, and learn more about yourself. These half-day workshops are for those who want to discover more uses for muscle-testing, and to polish their techniques. Building on Muscle-Testing for Beginners, it is a chance to develop more advanced muscle-testing techniques and gain confidence.

The Magic of Reflexes – a one day workshop for anyone
I find Primary Reflexes a fascinating concept, and I’m passionate about sharing information and techniques which enable people to understand what has been driving behaviour or beliefs. One word of warning – once you know about them, there is a tendency to become a Primary Reflex Spotter! Or even a Primary Reflex Bore!
What are Primary Reflexes? They are the instincts which a baby needs to develop from conception to toddler-age. While they are crucial for the stages such as birth, feeding, learning to crawl, if they are still present in older children and adults, they can have a huge impact on development and growth. They can be factors in a wide range of health and developmental issues, from dyslexia and dyspraxia, eating disorders and addictions, panic attacks and anxiety, to bed-wetting to Chronic Fatigue Syndrome. If you have ever felt ‘driven’ to behave in a particular way, or that your reaction as an adult feels more like that of a young child, you may have one or more Primary Reflexes in place.

Primary Reflex Integration Two Day Workshop for Practitioners and Therapists
These one day workshops are designed for health practitioners, and were originally only available to Kinesiologists. Now, they are available to therapists and practitioners who are confident muscle-testers.
Have you ever wished you could help clients who come to you with stubborn issues which refuse to shift, no matter what you try? Knowing about Primary Reflexes might be the missing piece of information you have been looking for. I am passionate about working with Primary Reflexes (also known as Primitive Reflexes), because I know from my own experience that integrating them can transform lives.
What are Primary Reflexes? They are the instincts which a baby needs to develop from conception to toddler-age. While they are crucial for the stages such as birth, feeding, learning to crawl, if they are still present in older children and adults, they can have a huge impact on development and growth. They can be factors in a wide range of health and developmental issues, from dyslexia and dyspraxia, eating disorders and addictions, panic attacks and anxiety, to bed-wetting to Chronic Fatigue Syndrome.
This one day workshop offers practitioners the chance to learn about 12 Primary Reflexes and their functions, potential problems if they remain present, and how to spot them. It also includes a kinesiology-inspired technique for identifying the relevant Reflexes and integrating them within a single session. There is no need to repeat physical exercises over several months – this technique integrates Reflexes quickly and easily. One of my favourite parts of this workshop is to see how different people look at the end of the day, and how enthused they are.

Primary Reflexes – the Art of Contextuals (2 day workshop)
This 2 day workshop builds on the skills of the original Primary Reflex Integration workshop. Again, this is one for practitioners and therapists, and broadens the scope of this concept for in-depth work on Contextual Reflexes, Inner Child and Parts work, patterns within families, and using the concept when working with animals.
Integrating the Reflexes is only the first step, and this workshop will give you greater skills for spotting ‘Rogue Reflexes’ which hoped they had escaped notice, and could go on making life more difficult than it needs to be. Drawing on concepts from a range of therapeutic techniques, this workshop brings them together so that you can help those who come to you to move forward with their lives, leaving the Reflex-inspired effects behind them for good.

EFT ‘Tapping Groups’
Are you curious to find out more about EFT (Emotional Freedom Techniques), or would like the chance to practise using it? These regular groups offer the chance to tap on a particular theme or issue, and see where it leads us. It is also an opportunity to experience a range of techniques and languaging which can help to release emotional intensity, clear blocks and gain new perspectives safely, easily and quickly.
Among the areas we will be covering this year are self-worth, success, letting go of past hurts, issues with money, self-respect and self-care, feeling worthy and deserving, and being able to love and accept yourself.

The Endorphin Effect Mindfulness Workshops
What are Endorphins? They are the body’s own feel-good chemicals, and are effectively the opposite of the body’s stress response. The Endorphin Effect is a mindfulness technque, developed by William Bloom, and I find it such a useful addition to my tool-kit of techniques.
It is so versatile, and can be a really simple way to move from stress into relaxation. At a deeper level, regular use allows you to develop a positive, confident outlook, as well as clearing trauma trapped in the cellular memory. And it’s a wonderful excuse for collecting positive experiences, and having fun!

I offer a range of workshops using this technique, including:
Half-day Introduction– focuses on the 5 ‘Triggers’ of the Endorphin Effect, with plenty of time to experience and learn each one.
1 day Workshop – offers the opportunity to spend more time exploring your own endorphin responses, how to develop the ability to maintain an ‘endorphinated state’ under pressure, and maintain a sense of connectedness in daily life.
2 day Workshop – is geared towards health practitioners and those used to working at a deeper personal level. It includes the content of the 1 day workshop, plus time to discover and engage with the ‘body armour’ created by life experiences, and the opportunity to learn how to extend the ‘endorphinated state’ beyond your body to change the energy within a group or room.
Relax with the Endorphin Effect – again, this is available as a half day or a one day workshop, learning and working with the Endorphin Effect specifically to relax mind and body.
The Endorphin Effect and the Mystical Tradition offers a chance to explore the spiritual aspect of the Endorphin Effect, through the writings of those who have made a strong spiritual connection which has transformed their lives.

Practical Stress-Busting Techniques Workshop
Originally developed as a series of half-hour sessions for a ‘time poor’ organisation, I now run this as a half day or a full day workshop. I was inspired by the original group of people, who proved that half an hour a week CAN be enough time to learn how to reduce your stress levels & relax more.
The techniques are not rocket-science, but they work. Learn a range of simple techniques involving your five senses, breathing techniques and mindful language, opening the door to a more relaxed daily life. Once you have learned the techniques, all you need to do is to use them….

Practical Self-Care Techniques Workshop
Related to the Stress-Busting workshop, this is a chance to spend quality time with yourself, learning quick, easy techniques which will help you to take better care of yourself. Many people know that they could look after themselves better than they do at the moment, but don’t know how to change what they do. This workshop gives you a wide range of ideas, so that you can mix and match, and share them with family and friends.

Learn to Relax and Unwind Workshop
Pause, draw breath, and discover practical techniques to quieten your mind and relax your body. This workshop offers the chance to experience and learn a range of techniques which can be used daily, or in times of stress. The ability to relax, and to encourage physical relaxation, underpins health and wellbeing, and can be a factor in increasing the body’s ability to heal, as well as the mind’s ability to cope with life’s challenges.

Tap into EFT Taster Session
Easy to learn and use, EFT (Emotional Freedom Techniques) or ‘Tapping’ is growing in popularity as a self-help technique. Michael Ball recently spoke about it on the TV show Loose Women, and how it helps him to overcome stage-fright. There is also increasing research into how EFT may help those suffering from PTSD (Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder) through work with war veterans. It is also starting to be used in schools, to help children with concentration and emotional development. Bascially, you can use it on anything!
EFT helps to clear ’emotional charges’ – it takes the intensity out of the emotion, so that something which was terrifying, or traumatic, or humiliating, becomes something which just happened. It does not change what happened, just how intensely you react to it, and how you feel about it. It helps you to clear your emotional decks, move on from the past, and do things differently in the future.
This taster session gives you a chance to find out more and try this simple and amazingly effective technique for yourself. The results can be astonishing, and I know from my own experience of using it on myself and with others that it can be so powerful and transformative.

The Bear Essentials of Surrogate Healing Workshop
If you have ever wished there was a practical way to send love or healing energy to a poorly friend or relative, this could be a workshop for you. Using a Teddybear or soft toy, experience techniques which allow you to connect with healing energy and ‘send’ it to others. Gentle, non-invasive, and a positive way to send ‘goodies’ to someone, it takes caring to a new, practical level.
Useful for practitioners and for those wanting to help friends and family to feel better, you need to be able to muscle-test with confidence to attend this workshop.

Workshop prices available on request, depending on location and group size.


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